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THEORY is a Danish quintet playing progressive power metal. Originally founded by lead guitarist Odin L. Madsen and drummer Martin Kilic in 2011. Odin and Martin first met during the establishment of a no-name technical death metal band with a different line-up, but they soon came to realize, that they shared a true passion for a completely different genre. Inspired by bands like Symphony X, Nevermore, Dream Theater and many more, Odin and Martin changed course to focus on something new: To form a serious progressive power metal band. During 2013 and 2015 the two companions wrote by far the most of the album “THE ART OF EVIL”. Recordings took place in 2015. It is now complete and ready for a release ... 

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    NEW album: The Art of Evil - out NOW!

    NEW album: The Art of Evil - out NOW!

    We are very proud to announce the release of our new album "The Art of Evil". You can find it on all major streaming/download services. If you want t...

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    Yeeeehaaaa THEORY has a home!

    Yeeeehaaaa THEORY has a home!

    We are very proud to announce our new THEORY website which really is the sweet spot of all our metal news. Here you will find all the new updates fro...